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Remember the morning after the vacation, when you tend to go: Ugh! I blew my diet! Now what? Despite trying to be virtuous, you lost your diet halo in a wave of overindulgence. You wake up the next day feeling overstuffed, bloated, and nauseated.

There’s no doubt about it, during the vacation, even though short weekend, there are one or more occasions when you do eat a little more than you should.  Even if you are watching your food choices and trying to aim to choose healthier, with so many options available, if you have a little bit of this and a little bit of that, it will add up.  So how can you undo the damage done by a holiday meal so that it doesn’t have such a negative impact on your body weight?


I.            Drink it up:
Mineral water, filtered water, water with lemon and mint, all are very good for you. Drink a lot of water to flush toxins from your system. Try juices that contain lemons, carrots, cucumber, celery, lettuce and coriander as they should be great for flushing out toxins.

Recipe for Detoxifying Juice:
                     ¼ medium Red Capsicum chopped coarsely
                     1 medium Tomato, chopped coarsely
                     1 medium Carrot, chopped coarsely
                     2 stems of Celery
                     ½ cup Parsley Leaves
                     ½ cup (150ml) Water

1.                  Blend or process all the ingredients with water until pureed.
2.                  Strain through a coarse sieve into a large jug.
3.                  Add ice and serve.

II.            Go green:
Green teas are great as antioxidants; drink one to two cups, and even better choose naturally decaffeinated green tea. It also significantly reduces water retention after a heavily salted diet. Eating out almost always guarantees salt bloat and having green tea considerably helps! But remember; avoid caffeine as it can cause adrenal damage.

Recipe for Flavoured Ice Tea:
                     3 Ginger Tea Bags
                     1 ltr. 4 cups boiling Water
                     2 tbsp Honey/Palm Sugar, grated
                     10 cm stick fresh Lemon Grass, chopped finely
                     1 small Orange, sliced thinly or ½ cup Strawberries, finely chopped or ½ cup Kiwi, finely chopped.
                     ½ Lime, sliced thinly
                     ½ cup Mint Leaves, torn

1.      Place the tea bags and the boiling water in a large heat proof jug; allow it to stand for 5 minutes.
2.      Discard the tea bags. Add sugar or honey, lemon grass, orange or strawberries or kiwi and lime to the jug; stir to combine. Refrigerate for 5 hours and cover.
3.      Stir mint into the cold tea.
4.      Serve with ice.

III.            Miracle Juice:
Speaking of removing toxins, what better way to do it than by drinking- wheat grass. You can get the benefits even without a daily dose of it. A few times a week is great too, especially after a vacation. It is a sure fire way to help speed up your energy, your vibrancy and your metabolism. It’s very powerful stuff and its potency takes getting used to. 

Recipe for Magical Wheat Grass Juice: 

                     2 tbsp Wheat Grass, dried
                     1 glass/200ml Water
                     1 Gooseberry (Amla), grated
                     3 tsp Coriander Leaves, chopped
                     Few Mint Leaves
                     2 Springs Parsley
                     4-5 Tulsi Leaves

1.      Grind all the ingredients with 1 glass of water.
2.      Pass through a fine sieve.
3.      Serve at room temperature.

IV.            Delightful Yoghurt:
Bypass the sugary fruit-bottomed yoghurt and reach for plain yoghurt and stir in a bit of your favorite fresh fruit. The probiotics in yoghurt can help get your digestive system back on track while the combination of protein, carbohydrates, and fat can keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Recipe for Yoghurt Smoothie:
                     1 cup (approx. 20 slices) unpeeled Cucumber, grate
                     ½ cup Yoghurt
                     ¼ tsp Cumin Seeds (Jeera) powder
                     Salt to taste
                     Pepper powder to taste
                     Mint Leaves (for garnishing)

1.      Combine yoghurt, salt and pepper.
2.      Grate cucumber and mix with yoghurt mixture.
3.      Garnish with mint leaves.
4.      Chill in the refrigerator.
5.      Serve cold.

V.            Chew on Green:
One of the most concentrated sources of nutrients, dark leafy greens, are low in calories and ultra-versatile in the kitchen. Include leafy greens in every meal of the day, they are rich in phytonutrients which will remove oxidative stress of holiday food. Leafy greens are also loaded with fiber, which will stabilize your blood sugar and keep you full longer.

Recipe for Rejuvenating Salad: 

         ½ cup Celery, chopped
         1 cup loosely torn Iceberg Lettuce
         3 tbsp Hung Curd
         ½ tsp Flaxseeds[roasted]
         Oregano to taste
         White Pepper to taste
         Few sprigs of Parsley (for garnishing)

1.      In a bowl, put iceberg lettuce, add celery.
2.      Toss with hung curd, flaxseed, white pepper and oregano.
3.      Add a few sprigs of Parsley as garnish.
4.      Refrigerate for 30 minutes and serve.

Other important tips would include:

                     Go Wholesome: Simple carbohydrates like white rice, bread and pasta are basically devoid of nutrients, vitamins or any substances that are good for your body. They raise the blood sugar and have a high glycemic index. They are also often filled with preservatives, which can build up in your system, leading to the development of toxins. To overcome this problem, switch to eating more high-fiber wholegrain foods and complex carbohydrates, such as those found in starchy vegetables like potatoes, wholegrain breads, pastas and cereals, brown rice and legumes. Complex carbohydrates are much more beneficial for the digestive system and will help to clear out the build-up of preservatives and toxins left behind by simple carbohydrates.

                     Recharge! Take a break: The morning after overindulging, give your stomach a break. Wait until you're hungry and then start with an antioxidant rich juice like coriander mint juice. Follow it up with fiber-rich breakfast like oatmeal to get your digestive system in gear!

                     Drink plenty of fluids: Mineral water, filtered water, water with lemon and mint, water with apple cider vinegar- all are very good for you. Make sure you drink a lot of water before eating and drinking. This will fill you up, and you’re less likely to eat/drink as much. Many folks think they are hungry when actually they are thirsty.

                     Exercise: 30 min of brisk walking will undo some of that holiday damage. Exercise is always a great tool to control weight gain. The holidays mean we are going to be eating with friends and family more than usual with all the get-together. So, adding some extra workout time can help with the extra calories you will be consuming.

The best method to help you recover better from a holiday indulgence is by ensuring that you aren't starving yourself for days straight! If you all of a sudden drop your calorie intake way down and keep it there, this may also signal to the body to start using up muscle mass as a fuel source. This is precisely what you don’t want, so use a more gradual approach.  Bring your calorie intake much lower for two to three days and then adopt a more moderate calorie intake after that.

Remember, your body is able to reverse most of the damage. That’s how we are built, our liver, skin pores and our kidneys are all responsible for doing so. With these great damage control strategies in place, a holiday binge doesn't have to set you back for long (or at all)!

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