Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Customized DNA diets and their health benefits

When you hear about diet based on your DNA, it almost seems like an unimaginable concept, but in the field of nutrigenomics, the diet is exclusively tailored to reflect your genetic profile.

How does nutrition and diet affect our genes? How do our genes affect the body’s response to nutrition and diet? These are the two primary questions that drive nutrigenomics to study the correlation between genes and nutrition.

A nutrigenomics diet is customized to meet the specific needs of your genes. Take for instance; when it comes to metabolization of vitamins, many people do not require extra vitamins or supplements whereas those who are prone to vitamin deficiency may need to consume these to fulfill their dietary needs.

Maintaining a quality diet plan not only contributes to good health, but is also related to the prevention of disease. When a person is free of any disease, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they have good health. Hence, to avoid getting plagued by disease, one must exercise regularly to remain fit and eat the right foods to remain healthy. According to nutrigenomicists, the right nutritional choices can boost your body’s genetics deficiencies and help in sustaining good health for the future.

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