Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Are you one of those people looking for a way of living that will allow you to sensibly lose weight and keep the weight off permanently? If yes, this is the information that will enable you to do just that!

The A-Z tips are put up in an alphabetical order so that it is easy for you to remember. 

These suggestions will surely help to achieve your target and watch the waistline!

Always sit down to eat: Don’t eat on the move or while cooking / watching TV / reading. Always sit down at one place to eat and don’t get up till you finish eating.

Boil or bake the food: it is always better to steam, bake or grill the food instead of frying. Use very little oil while cooking. Invest in food non- stick cookware.

Chew the food properly: Eating slowly and chewing properly is an efficient method of cutting down on consumption of food. It also helps in easy and proper digestion of food.

Dine early: Have your dinner at least two hours before you sleep. Heavy snacks should be avoided just before bed.

Eat all meals: Don’t skip any meals. Skipping meals can lead to hunger pangs which can further lead to overeating.

Fill up on fiber: Choose high fiber foods such as whole wheat flour and unpolished rice. Fiber does not contain any calories and fills you up without piling on any calories.

Go for smaller treats: Instead of buying family packs, buy smaller packs. You will probably polish off a big packet because it is open.

High calorie food should be substituted with low calorie food: Nowadays, there are smart substitutes to high calorie food. For instance, you could replace one glass of milk (125 kcal) with one glass of skimmed milk (60 kcal), 30 gm of cheddar cheese (114 kcal) with 30gm of mozzarella cheese (80 kcal), etc.

Ideal weight is the key to a healthy life: Invest in a weighing scale and keep a regular check on your weight. Try to maintain an ideal weigh throughout your life.

Jog during commercials: Jog on the spot thrice each evening during advertisement breaks on your television show. This adds up to an annual loss of 3 kilograms.

Keep your mind positive: you are more likely to lose weight if you keep imagining how great you will look when you will be slim. This is one of the keys to achieving and maintaining a state of fitness and well being. 

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