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Change in lifestyle a key to obesity

Have you any time come across these questions, when you start going into deep thoughts. Here are some interesting things which will make you think more and also at the same time will help you to clear the doubts.
How do you feel when you don’t fit in your favourite clothes? 
When people comment on you?
When people stare at you?
When you feel left out from from your friend circle?
Now let us discuss why is it so, that today's generation is facing such stigmatizing issues in school, at workplace and at home.
What is it that is affecting today's generation. Is it your eating habits, genetic factor, stress, using gadgets or physical activity?
Yes, my dear friends it is ultimately all these factors stated above which play a vital role in developing obesity.
Can you imagine a 20-year-old girl or boy of height 5.5’’ weighing 150-200kg?
Yes, it is a fact in today’s society that people are rapidly putting on weight. Can you site a reason behind this? If genetically, 20% of the given population is obese than today we see about 80-90 % people are overweight. This is due to lifestyle modification i.e.

   1.    Lack of sleep: Attending late night parties, accessive use of gadgets like mobile phones, video-games, watching late night movies disturbs one’s sleep pattern which pulls down your daily performance.

The Solution: Practicing good bedtime habits such as having a routine bedtime, leaving your white light devices (such as your phone, laptop, ipads) outside the bedroom and getting a steady flow. Incase you need to stay up late, have a healthy snack on standby like a glass of milk or a handful of unsalted nuts.

     2.    Eating habits:  

     a)    Neglecting breakfast / skipping meals: Do you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day which helps in kick starting your day and also helps in boosting your metabolism. As our body needs 6 meals per day. It can be light mid meal with light fillers like fruits and nuts which is necessary for the proper functioning of your energy levels.

    b)   Dead foods: Food with long shelf life is known as dead food. For example: ice creams, fruit juices, McCann, biscuits, cakes, pizzas etc. A study reveals that these foods are too high in saturated or trans-fat, sugar and sodium and too low in vitamins, minerals and fibres.

Secondly, they tend to be calorie packed per bite, readily available which all add up to overeating by throwing off our normal appetite, hunger and satiety mechanism.

The Solution: Eating whole foods and meals made-at-home instead of processed or refined foods (especially those that come out of a packet). Try keeping regular meal timings instead of eating erratically for the best benefits that means not leaving the house without a good breakfast homemade options like poha, upma, roti are all great as they will keep your energy levels stable as the day progresses avoid processed breakfasts such as sugar laden cereals, nitrate loaded cold meats like sausages bacon and salamis and of course stay clear of trans fat loaded bakery items like patties etc.

Come evening time avoid giving yourself and your kids dead foods as snacks such a biscuits, namkeens, tetra packed juices etc instead opt for makhana (find our awesome makhana recipe ideas here , boiled or roasted peanuts, coconut water, buttermilk are all great options.

    3.    Physical activity: Obesity is found in person who leads sedentary lifestyle and pay less importance to physical activity one simple example is using vehicles to cover short distance instead of walking. Obesity is also noticed amongst children who spend much time on studies and not participating in school games etc.

The Solution: Keep active wherever possible, instead of taking your car to the store try and walk it, wherever possible take the elevator instead of the stairs. Try and take a short walk post major meals aiming for about 1000 steps to increase your activity levels.

    4.    Stress: Food is one of the many stimulants of endorphin (feel good) neurotransmitter. Release of endorphin hormone encourages you to crave for more food than the body’s daily requirement. Due to which stress leads to excess calorie intake.

The Solution: You could try breathing exercises, seated yoga, sip relaxing teas such as chamomile, lavender or ashwagandha or even a glass of milk with cinnamon powder.


We have to accept and is a proven fact that obesity is caused due to lifestyle modification and wrong eating habits. Correcting our eating habits, regular exercise, sleep and maintaining food discipline, sufficient consumption of water and following a balanced diet will help in getting rid of the word “OBESITY”

Inputs by:  Sunidhi Vernekar

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