Diet Dr Clinic- Powered by Harpreet Pasricha

The Diet Dr Clinic is a center for excellence in weight-loss and therapeutic treatments – symbolic of a modern clinic with a mission to promote preventive and remedial treatment with world-class practices and competencies. Diet Dr Clinic powered by Harpreet Pasricha offers special diet plans for Weight Loss and Ailments like Hypertension, Diabetes, Thyroid-related Disease, Osteoporosis.

With 3 clinics in Goa completing its 1 year of successful running recently, and with their widespread online client base, Diet Dr Clinic is quickly gaining the status of transforming the lives of several people throughout India. 

Diet Dr Clinic has also been known to be responsible for several activities related to spreading nutritional awareness like corporate camps, yoga camps, food tasting etc. Solely set up to work towards achieving a healthier India, the clinics tirelessly push themselves to create avenues in order to impart their knowledge of nutrition and health! 

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