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Harpreet Pasricha is a respected authority in the diet and health industry. She has been actively involved in the wellness space for years. Harpreet eats, breathes and lives her fitness mantra, by promoting health and fitness as a way of life. Along with helping people to lose weight, she is also involved in, designing of special menus for people suffering from migraine, acidity, hypertension, diabetes, asthma and various other medical problems.

Harpreet Pasricha who is qualified from Christian Medical College, is one of India's leading wellness and diet experts. Besides being an exceptionally accomplished nutritionist, entrepreneur, fitness mentor to several Bollywood celebrities, she has also penned downed articles in National magazines & newspapers as well. “A natural and balanced diet is the best preventive medicine for any type of disease”, this is what Harpreet Pasricha believes in. She has transformed the perspective of thousands of people on the role played by diet in one’s life and has made people realize that ‘the extra kilos on the body are not the result of consuming more food but a result of intake of wrong type of food’.

Her aim is making the present day society understand the power of proper diet and regulated eating habits. In order to reach out to more people, Diet Clinic launched a miracle guide to eating right that shows you how to take responsibility for your own health and protect that of your families and friends. “Nourish with Food & Flourish with Health” guides you in making small changes and following a few tried and tested recipes and techniques, which help you to prevent yourself from succumbing to diseases brought on by an unhealthy lifestyle. This book will help you embark on a healthy adventure, while you navigate a maze of dietary choices. Easy, functional and inspiring Nourish & Flourish: Miracle food guide to eating right is good to have in the kitchen as well as on your coffee table.

Harpreet presents a holistic, integrated, set of ageless principles and timeless techniques solving various complex medical problems. She never fails to be amazed by the power of nutrition and has witnessed time and again how something as simple as understanding the importance of food can bring about huge, transformational changes in people’s lives.

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