Friday, 13 April 2018

Lentils should be part of daily food Yes or No?


They are a great source of protein and good for the body only if they suit your gut.
If you feel uneasy in your gut after eating bit gassy or feel bloated, These are all signs that it doesn’t suit your gut!

The other problem with lentils is that they inflame your gut and have “lectins” that create havoc with the permeability of your gut lining.  Does that mean we shouldn’t eat pulses ? But  we Love Dhal rice, rajma Chawal, usad, idli snags.. so here’s what I want you to do the next time you or your family eats lentils! ( at least at home)

1. Soak them for 4-5 hours before cooking.

2. Overcook the Dhals a bit. Use spices like ginger, hing, haldi. They will aid in better digestion.

3. Cooking Dhals in ghee will make it easy to digest.

4. Use organic Dhal/ Rajmah/ channa.

All of the above will help your gut and protect it from the lectins in lentils.
 Do you feel the bloat after eating a bowl of lentils?
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Friday, 6 April 2018

World Health Day.

A very happy world health day to all of you. Every year world health day is celebrated so as to reach mass of people to create awareness about the importance of global health and this year universal health coverage is been taken into consideration so as to provide all the people the basic health facilities were people get it without facing any financial hardships.

Health is not based on just being absent from disease but also being mentally, socially, physically and spiritually healthy, were diet plays 80 percent of the role. Well all of us are mostly aware of the General nutrition guidelines and most of the people are implementing it in their daily life, however there are a few pointers which an individual should keep in mind so as to lead a better life.

1. Avoid use of artificial sweeteners.
Sugar is been linked to cause so many lifestyle disease be it cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, inflammatory diseases and so on. While this was for awareness,people also started replacing this and went for Artificial sweeteners. This is not only more sweeter than the natural sugar but also has its downfalls. It not only disrupts ones gut flora which Lowers one immunity and leads to inflammation but also causes Allergies,Bladder cancer,Breast cancer,Headaches,Hypertension,Weight gain/obesity and so on.

2. Select the right source of food.
While we know that proteins are good we need to know the right source.e.g. the broiler chicken variety is injected with hormones so is the milk which we get from Jersey cow. This hormones in turn are consumed by us which leads to hormonal imbalances, lowers our immunity, cause inflammation in our body. So opt for country chicken and A2 quality milk which is a healthier choice. While we are all aware about the curd health benefits that is good for our gut health that not only improves ones immunity, but also helps in the absorption of nutrients and so on. But it depends also upon the kind of curd you consume the curd available  in market actually contain artificial colours, flavors and sweeteners (including artificial sweeteners), as well as thickeners such as pectin.hence one should opt for homely made curd. Opt for fruits and vegetables that are available locally or grow it on your own so as to keep yourself away from the harsh preservatives that has bad effect on health.

3. Don't go overboard with healthy foods.
While we all got aware and conscious about the health some started overdoing nutrition. While fibre is good for health but having in excess leads to bloating, and prevents the absorption of minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.proteins being good for increasing muscle mass and optimum functioning of hormones,having too much can put a load on the kidney,Nuts and seeds has anti-ageing properties, prevents atherosclerosis but in excess it can increase ones cholesterol levels.

4. Avoid taste makers,ready made masalas.
Ready made masala and taste makers are high in sodium and give rise to inflammatory  diseases,high blood pressure and so avoid this one can opt for the traditional spices and home made masalas to enhance the flavor of the food.