Saturday, 7 October 2017

For Sargi
Sargi platter: 1 Roti/Parantha + Nuts + Makhana kheer/pheni + 1 Glass pomegranate juice.

  • Instead of deep fried snacks such as mathri or poori, consume lower fat- complex carb options that give a slow release of energy e.g.: whole wheat roti, parantha. Oily and spicy additives such as pickle which can cause acidity or sodium/potassium imbalance.
  • Include good fats from unsalted nuts (walnuts/almonds) or even a teaspoon of desi ghee on your roti/ parantha. Fat digests slowly and are laden with energy so they both satisfy and super charge you.
  • While making vermicelli kheer/pheni, reduce the amount of sugar or prepare it with brown sugar/ jaggery. You could also make it with makhana.
  • Instead of including kaju khatli or barfi, stick to simpler sweets such as rasgulla or paneer shrikand.
  • Including a glass of pomegranate juice at the end of the meal will prevent you from feeling thirsty during the day.

Evening  Options
  • Instead of brewing tea- have tea bag chai to control acidity.
  • Instead of coffee try having cold coffee.
  • Don’t drink tetra pack juices. Opt for nariyal paani that contains the right balance of sugars and electrolytes to replenish thirst.

Break your Fast Bonus Tips

  • Post-fast have a rasgulla or milk based barfi as a healthier alternative to sugar laden mithai.
  • The body can confuse thirst for hunger; replenish your system with antioxidants and vitamins by breaking your fast with a batch of infused water. Muddle together desi rose petals, pomegranate, mint and lime wedges with cold water and leaving to infuse in a fridge.
  • Don’t eat oily/ fried foods devoid of nutritive value, instead choose light easy to digest options that don’t stress your digestive system e.g.: dal or sabzi.
  • Avoid mixing too many foods in your meal post fast such as rice and chapatti; try to opt for either one, not both.

Post Fast- First Bite: 1 milk based mithai
Followed by: 1 fruit + infused water
Post Fast Meal:  ½ katori Dal + ½ katori rice/ 1 roti + 1 katori sabzi