Tuesday, 4 September 2018

National Nutrition Week

 First 1000 Days of Life: What You Need To Know

From the date of pregnancy to a child’s second birthday is a golden window of growth in every baby’s life. The first 1000 days of life are like no other and not just for baby, but for mommy too! Read on to find out more.
In this window lies the potential to set a child up for success for his/her entire life. Sounds a little too good to be true? But if preventing death isn’t reason enough to get nutrition smart how about reducing risk of developing chronic diseases like diabetes, asthma or even obesity later on in life?
Or maybe even improving a kids grades? Height? And even influencing their future careers?  
Think of it this way: a healthy baby grows to be a healthy child with fully developed physical and mental potential (he’s at full height potential with an optimum weight while being well developed psychologically with attentive learning capabilities as well as social skills). The same child does better in school which in turn influences his chance at securing a better job. This in turn produces a workforce of healthy, talented young adults which is a plus point in any nation’s pocket.
The benefits you build in this crucial period last a lifetime!
So how do you set yourself up for success? We are so glad you asked! Find out 4 strategies listed below:

  •     Offer Them Mommy’s Milk: Breast feeding babies within one hour of birth.

Why? It is the child’s first immunisation (thank you colostrum!), reduces risk of hypothermia in baby, helps stem excessive bleeding in mama and improves bonding between baby and mama among many other benefits.

  •       Be Part Of The Exclusive Eating Club: Only breastfeed for the first 6 months

Why? Babies who are only fed mommy’s milk for the first 6 months are less likely to fall sick (that’s less pneumonia, allergies, gastrointestinal upsets etc.). It may increase baby’s IQ, while also helping mommy reduce weight, avoid postpartum depression, cancer and even stay heart healthy.

  •     Double Up To Develop: Introduce solid foods along with mothers milk after 6 months

Why? Between the ages 6- 24 months’ babies grow rapidly! At this age starting them off on soft mashed foods provides them with the additional necessary nutrients required to keep up with your active darling while helping them get strong and healthy.
In the first 6 months: Foods with a soft mushy texture like rice water, dal water, bananas are good options to start out on while gradually progressing to boiled sweet potato, avocado, curd , potato. Post 1 year you can introduce boiled egg, chicken, paneer etc

  •     Eating Expectantly: Ensuring a rich diet for pregnant and lactating mothers

Why? Women who are properly nourished during both these crucial periods ensures not only healthy mommy but healthy baby too! Babies born to a well-nourished mama have a better chance of not being malnourished, falling ill or dying thanks to an ample supply of the best baby’s food possible: breast milk!

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