Friday, 15 June 2018

Diet Dr Clinic wishes everyone Eid Mubarak

After a month of mental, spiritual and physical cleansing via fasting, restarting your regular eating
habits with a feast may leave you with indigestion, acidity and in some cases even weight gain. Here
are 6 nutritional strategies to ditch Eid’s after effects.
  1.  Start off Slowly: On the morning of Eid break start your day with something low fat, light, fluid filled and easy to digest. This means fruits, curd, a few dry fruits, buttermilk, homemade kheer are good options.
  2. Don’t Leave Home, Hungry: Before stepping out to meet loved ones and friends ensure you are not at your hungriest by eating a handful of dry fruit, maybe a glass of buttermilk or even a bowl of curd.
  3. Fill up First: Opt wherever possible for whole fruits and vegetables that are also high in water, essential minerals besides natural fiber. Such as opting for a raita with your main meal. Before serving yourself a plate of that delicious biryani, start off with a bowl of curd and a salad on the side to ensure you are easing back into eating after a month’s long break of small meals and extended fasting.
  4. Serve Smartly: When faced with a delicious array of options it can be tempting not to mention confusing on what to eat first, instead of serving yourself a little of everything, pick 1-2 items (e.g.: chicken + rice, kebab + salad). When you taste a little of everything you end up eating foods of varying glycemic index’s which can later turn into fat deposits.
  5. Stay Clear of Soft Drinks: While a cold glass of something aerated may seem really refreshing to wash down a big meal in on a hot day, you can easily avoid the added calories and blood sugar spike by instead opting for a glass of chaas or buttermilk which not only give you pro-biotic plus points but also are far more nutritious.
  6. Keep the Night, Light: After an afternoon of indulging instead opt for simple foods later in the day such as roti with sabzi, a bowl of salad or sprouts.

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