Friday, 25 May 2018

Nipah Virus Preventive Measure.

Here are some helpful ways to prevent Nipah Virus: 

1. Every fruit or vegetable which is to be consumed should be washed and cleaned properly so as to ensure that it does not have any traces of bat dropping or feaces on it. Wash the fruits and vegetables well. Fruits like mango, apple, peaches, apricots and vegetables like cauliflower, lady finger, tindli should be washed with salted luke warm water. Dip the fruit and vegetables for 2 Mins in luke warm water with salt added in the water. 

2. Avoid fresh fruit juice from the market. We don’t have quality control on fruits used for juicing in the restaurants and juice shops, better to avoid it for a while.  

3.Peel the fruit before consuming it. Apple, guava, apricots, peaches and similar fruits should be peeled before consuming. 

4. Avoid having desserts which are fruit based. Mango or strawberry mousse or cake should be avoided for a while. Would suggest to avoid Ice creams and gelato made with fresh fruits.

5. Avoid dates, dates juice, palm syrup too.
Bats are known to drink toddy that is collected in open containers, and occasionally urinate in it, which makes it contaminated with the virus.

6. Avoid having soups and vegetables made in restaurants and hotels for a while. Also would suggest to avoid having raw salad.

7. Avoid fruits which are fallen on the ground from the trees. Fruits which are fallen from the tress  in your backyard like jamun, guava should also be avoided. 

Keep to good hygiene conditions and wash your hands frequently.

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