Friday, 13 April 2018

Lentils should be part of daily food Yes or No?


They are a great source of protein and good for the body only if they suit your gut.
If you feel uneasy in your gut after eating bit gassy or feel bloated, These are all signs that it doesn’t suit your gut!

The other problem with lentils is that they inflame your gut and have “lectins” that create havoc with the permeability of your gut lining.  Does that mean we shouldn’t eat pulses ? But  we Love Dhal rice, rajma Chawal, usad, idli snags.. so here’s what I want you to do the next time you or your family eats lentils! ( at least at home)

1. Soak them for 4-5 hours before cooking.

2. Overcook the Dhals a bit. Use spices like ginger, hing, haldi. They will aid in better digestion.

3. Cooking Dhals in ghee will make it easy to digest.

4. Use organic Dhal/ Rajmah/ channa.

All of the above will help your gut and protect it from the lectins in lentils.
 Do you feel the bloat after eating a bowl of lentils?
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